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"Don't cry Butterfly" will be performed at the international Midtown Festival in New York in July.

Produced by Audrey Duncan, Toni Blue and Michael Knobbe

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the life history of the great painter Vincent van Gogh, through out a process which will guide the audience till his redemption.

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VINCENT - The Musical

MUSICAL with one prologue, 27 scenes and one epilogue
Text and lyrics of the play by ANNA HURKMANS


The musical tells the story of the great Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, who had no success with his paintings during his life. In a fit of madness he committed suicide at the age of 37 in a cornfield. This scene is shown in the Prologue
The first scene begins with a trial which takes place after his death, ordered by a divine Court of Justice.
Vincent is invited to defend himself, explaining why he killed himself. His brother Theo, who had always sustained him in every way, takes up Vincent’s defence.
The following scenes show the most important episodes of Vincent’s life, a long sequence of failures: first as the employee of an art-merchant, than as a teacher in an English boarding school and after that as a protestant preacher.
His love-story with the prostitute Sien ends badly; he had picked her up from the street with her little daughter and had offered her hospitality trying to redeem her. This causes also a rupture with his relatives. But Sien leaves him to take up her old profession. His friendship with his fellow-painter Gauguin takes a tragic end: after a violent quarrel Vincent cuts off his own ear and takes it to a brothel. After this the citizens of the Provençal town Arles, where Vincent had hoped to find inner peace and inspiration, drive him away as a madman. Vincent, who had succeeded in selling only one painting during his lifetime, falls into a deep depression. After having painted some of his best works in only a few days, he shoots himself in one of his beloved corn-fields. “I suffered too much” are the words with which he defends himself in the final song of the Epilogue. But was he really guilty? Or was it the lack of understanding of his contemporaries that drove him into death? And why did even Theo feel guilty?
These are open questions to which the public is invited to answer.
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2002 Award “Premio di scrittura femminile Inner Wheel Roma for the theatre play “Vincent”.

2002 First Prize at the Song Expo Benelux International Song & Culture Festival for:

          “Too much”


         Special Award “Best Arrangement” to Francesco Marchetti for:

           “Too much”




Michael Kunze (The famous German author of the musicals “Elisabeth”, “Dance of the Vampires”, “Rebecca”, “Marie Antoinette”) about “Vincent” in a letter to the authors:

        “I was agreeably surprised by its high artistic quality and your excellent workmanship.I wish you with al my convictions to find an important production in the European countries. If I should have the occasion to recommend your work to a production, I would do it with great pleasure.”


Harry van Opstal in the Dutch Newspaper “Rijn en Gouwe” 28-2-2005:

    “What could be added to a so hackneyed story like van Gogh’s Well, perhaps “Vincent”, the musical. Then the performance bt the “Nederlands Musical Ensemble” gives a new, fresh vision of this “almost hugged to death” painter.

 ...the starting point for an incisive sketch of Vincent’s life. Obsessive, tactless, with strong  principles and longing for love, those are traits of his character which are outlined in a superb way. You feel totally involved... “