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SUSAN RIGVAVA DUMAS recorded songs of “Don’t cry Butterfly”.

Famous musical singer Susan Rigvava Dumas , star in Michael Kunze’s hit musical “Rebecca” (in the role of Mrs.Danvers) recorded in Vienna three songs of “Don’t cry Butterfly”. You can hear "The Legend of Mata Hari" and her German version of “Illusion”, the last song of Mata Hari before her execution.

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"Don't cry Butterfly" has been performed as a "reading" at the international Midtown Festival in New York in July 2008.



Music by Raffaele Paglione

Lyrics by Anna Hurkmans

Piano performed by Raffaele Paglione

Performers of Don't Cry Butterfly

Students of the Central School for Speech and Drama (London)

Francesca Barone

Catia di Stefano

Students of the Royal Academy of Music (London)

Francesco Marchetti

Monica Salvi

Luca Velletri

Marina de Sanctis

Amelia cavallo

Jennifer Hazel

Tim Thom

Pierluca Buonfrate




Puccini's unwritten Opera

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A Star is born

The Legend of Mata Hari


Don't Cry Butterfly

Was it real Love

Such a Slut

Vadim and Sonia


The Queen of the party

The Man of destiny

In Love again

Vadim's trench war


A Marriage proposal

You must finish Turandot

Money for Vadim

The Gambler

The Trial


The last performance

Epilogue: I can't write it


In Love Again Trio

Final Chorus of the Trial

The Recovered Letter

Songs performed by Susan Rigvava-Dumas

Illusion - German Version

The Legend of Mata Hari






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