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SUSAN RIGVAVA DUMAS recorded songs of “Don’t cry Butterfly”.

Famous musical singer Susan Rigvava Dumas , star in Michael Kunze’s hit musical “Rebecca” (in the role of Mrs.Danvers) recorded in Vienna three songs of “Don’t cry Butterfly”. You can hear "The Legend of Mata Hari" and her German version of “Illusion”, the last song of Mata Hari before her execution.

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"Don't cry Butterfly" has been performed as a "reading" at the international Midtown Festival in New York in July 2008.

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LOVE'S MASQUERADE is a modern version of Mozart's "Così fan tutte".

Two couples, a young British girl and her fiancé, a Venetian opera diva and a musical director meet during the roaring Venetian Carnival. And what about faithfulness?

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A new Musical Comedy

Text and lyrics of the play by ANNA HURKMANS


The plot of “Così fan tutte” is taken from Mozart’s opera but set in Venice today.

As in the Mozart original it deals with two couples. The first one, Fiorella and Fernando are two Italian opera singers. They have been engaged to sing the roles of Fiordiligi and Fernando in the opera. But they’re always quarrelling. The other couple are British; Dora, a rich heiress, and William a promising young lawyer. They are about to be married in Venice. Dora shows her friend Fiorella the marvellous white wedding dress she’ll wear (SONG: FIDELITY) Dora’s mother has offered them a sumptuous nuptials celebration.

In the meantime the devious Alfie, who aspires to be the director of the opera, and who likes to manipulate people as he does on stage, has accepted a bet with the two men about the faithfulness of their girlfriends. He claims that women cannot be faithful (BALLAD OF THE MISOGYNIST) He is confident that once the women fall under the seductive spell of the famous Venetian Carnival they will succumb to temptation and he will win his bet. He ruins Dora’s expensive wedding dress so that the marriage must be postponed. So he gains time to win his bet.

William, who has never had a chance to be alone with his fiancée, asks his friend Fernando to accompany Dora’s mother for a trip in a gondola. Fiorella sees them and erroneously takes the mother for a new lover of Fernando. She becomes very jealous and swears vengeance. (SONG OF TIT FOR TAT) To get her turn back she accepts Alfie’s invitation to a grand masked ball in a Venetian palace, and wants Dora to accompany her. The two girls will be dressed in the costumes of “Cosi fan tutte” (SONG: CARNIVAL)

Meanwhile Alfie has invited Fernando and William too. While he is dressed as Mephisto, he has found a Casanova and a Don Juan costume for the two men.

During the ball the two couples fall in love with the other’s partners without knowing their identity (SONG OF THE FAN and DUET: I CAN’T SAY WHAT I FEEL)

On the morning after they are all sad; it’s difficult to take up their old life again. Dora gets back her wedding dress, now completely repaired, but she doesn’t like it anymore (SONG: IT NOW SEEMS DIFFERENT)

Elsewhere Fernando wonders what happened to him (IT BEGAN AS A PLAY). Similar feelings are expressed by Fiorella and William (COME SCOGLIO, LIKE A ROCK). The only one who is happily occupied with the preparation of the wedding is Dora’s mother.

The four young people go out to have a walk through Venice, each separately. There they have different adventures that will teach them a lesson in life. Dora will learn that you must never interfere in a couple’s arguments; Fiorella that she’s not so irresistible as she believes; William that there are more exciting professions than that of a lawyer and that he can be an excellent cook (WILLIAM’S COOKING SONG) and Fernando learning that you can forget sorrow by helping other people.

Dora is illegitimate and her mother doesn’t want her to make the same mistake. In a song (DELPHINE’S BALLAD) she explains why she is so keen for Dora to get married and compels her to put on the wedding dress and to follow her to the church where the priest and the witnesses are already waiting. But when the priest poses the usual question: “Is there anybody who knows of any just impediment why this couple cannot be joined in holy matrimony” we hear Alfie’s voice from the balcony shouting: I do…and I’ve won my bet!

There is a long silence; Dora burst into tears; William is terribly embarrassed.

Standing before the altar both Dora and William confess their unfaithfulness and declare they will not marry. Recognizing Fernando Dora throws herself in his arms while William feels attracted by the transvestite Paolo who had put on Dora’s wedding dress.

Nevertheless there is a marriage: Dora’s mother has recognized Alfie as her first unforgettable love and Dora’s real father. The old misogynist only accepts the marriage when his prospective wife promises to buy him a marvellous old Venetian Theatre where he can direct his own theatrical productions, first of all “Così fan tutte”. Together with the priest they sing “LOVE IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT”.


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