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Anna Hurkmans


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ANNA HURKMANS, writer, translator actress and singer was born in Haarlem (Netherlands), where she attended secondary school and courses in classical ballet, acting and singing.

She graduated at the University of RomeLa Sapienza” in foreign languages and literature and became a teacher of German in secondary schools in Rome.

 In addition, she wrote and performed recitals (One woman-shows ): “The mythos Marlene Dietrich”, “Bertolt Brecht and his Women” ,” Smiles and Tears” with Yiddish songs and texts, “A life in Black and Roses” on the life and songs of Edith Piaf, “From Berlin to Broadway” with songs of the roaring twenties, “An Evening in the Cabaret Chat Noir” with French songs of the “Belle Epoque”, “Baudelaire’s Spleen” with poems of Baudelaire. Performances took place in many Italian towns (Rome, Florence, Livorno, Milan, Genoa, Savona, La Spezia, Latina, Perugia, Frosinone, Fiuggi, Palermo, Messina, Trapani, Cagliari, and so on) and abroad (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia Sweden).

 As a playwright she has been awarded several prizes:La Nereide” (Siracusa), “Premio Teatrale Bertolt Brecht” (Rome) and two prizes: “Premio Il viaggio infinito” (Bari) and “FIRST PRIZE Inner Wheel” (Rome) for the play “Mother Courage in June” that has been performed at the Tordinona Theatre in Rome and published by Borgia Editore. Also the theatre play “Vincent” was awarded the second prize “Innerwheel Rome”.

Awards for short stories: “Premio città di Firenze” (Florence), “Premio il Prione” (La Spezia), “Premio Città di Pompei”, “Premio La Fonte” (Caserta), “Premio 4Elle (Genoa) and others, for film scripts: “Corto Lazio”, “ Roma Film Corto” .

Awards for song lyrics: “Premio La canzone che non c’è” (Savona) and  first prize in the “Benelux Song Expo Festival” (Netherlands) for the songs “Too much” and “Sunflowers”. The music of these songs was composed by Raffaele Paglione, with whom she wrote the musical “Vincent” on van Gogh’s life, that has been performed with success in the Netherlands by the “Nederlands Musical Ensemble” (2005) and published by “Whale Songs” in Hamburg. “Vincent” was finalist in the “Theatre Building Chicago” musical competition 2007 and “TRU-Series New York.

The musicalDon’t cry, Butterfly” about a love affair between Puccini and Mata Hari  has been workshopped at the Royal Academy of Music and the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

She recorded the CD: “Chansons d’amour” with famous French songs.

She wrote the film script and created the costumes for a short film “minimusical” directed by Sanny Abe and played the role of a singer in the film “La leggenda del lago” of Germano di Mattia, roles in a short film directed by Katriona Munthe , and in the short film “War” by Antonello Novellino; in two theatre plays of Giorgio Pressburger and in her own plays “Charlotte Salomon”, “La Maison Tellier” , “My husband Verlaine, my son Rimbaud” and “A love affair of Baudelaire”. She also created the costumes for the 17th century play “Pazzia di Orlando” at the Teatro Politecnico in Rome and for other performances.

She attended courses of creative writing with famous Italian writers and filmmakers ( Suso Cecchi d’Amico, Age and Scarpelli, Monicelli, Pontecorvo, Luigi Magni, Ugo Pirro, Ennio Morricone, Dacia Maraini, M.Luisa Spaziani, Raschid Benazji, Giuseppe Rocca) and workshops for playwrights in San Miniato (with Andreas Wirth and David Edgar). Member of SIAE (The Italian Association of Authors), SNAD (National Union of Dramatic Authors- Rome) and Mercury Musical Developments(London).